• Home Automation Using GSM

    Home Automation using GSM is a training course that helps you to make a device that can control your home electric appliances.Just by sending SMS through the simple GSM-based phone, one can easily control the home appliances. You don’t need to use your working smartphone. From the old GSM phone, you can prepare your device that will work to switch ON and OFF any home electronic appliances, from anywhere.

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  • Bluetooth Controlled Car Project

    Bluetooth-controlled cars can be controlled by using an android mobile phone instead of any other way like buttons, gestures, etc. You only need to touch the Bluetooth button on android devices to control the movement of the car. The Bluetooth connection acts as a remote controller that controls the directions of the car such as forward, backward, left and right. In this project, the android phone works as a transmitting device. On the other hand, the Bluetooth module placed in the car works as a receiver.

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  • Automatic Water Dispenser Project

    With rise in population, amount of pollution also increases. This resulted in climate change and global warming. After few years because of this increasing pollution we will face water scarcity. So what can be done to stop this? As always the answer for this lies with improvement in technology. Here, we tried to prepare an automatic water dispenser that will help to reduce the wastage of water.

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