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School Megamart is an e-commerce enterprise which aims to supply all that schoolchildren need: complete class-wise book-sets, school uniforms, school bags, shoes, belts, ties, socks, stationery, water bottles, sports equipment, etc. In other words, our platform is your one-stop-shop for all of your schooling needs. Besides that, we also offer a vendor service platform that allows for entrepreneurs and businesses, dealing in academic and other related material, to reach out to the masses..

Our Commitment

Every parent, at some point of time, experiences considerable trouble in facing the challenge of readying children for a new school session. Trying to find the particular outlet for the right things that the kids need, helpless against the monopolistic trend of overpricing on sub-standard quality products, their already stretched budgets drawn to breaking point, the parents have a harrowing time every year.

Our e-commerce venture aims to resolve these problems by providing the best quality schooling accessories, at very reasonable prices–right at your doorstep in no time!

In the modern-day and age, old business tactics have become incoherent with the market trend and any business that lacks a substantial online presence will face various debilitating issues in progressing and growing. Therefore, increasing your business reach becomes important; and, what better way is there to further your reach in the market than to go online. However, being prudent in your choice of which online platforms to depend on becomes all the more necessary to attract the right customers.

Even the best of businesses blur into obscurity when offering their products and services on the platforms of global giants like Amazon and Flipkart. Unless the buyer searches specifically for your product, increasing your profitability becomes harder as time goes by.

Hence, we have added an interactive and customisable vendor service platform to School Megamart, which gives the vendors high mobility, variability and visibility in the online sphere. Here, you can experience more options to shine in the online business sphere and all we ask for in advance is that you do not compromise on the quality for short-term gains as our customer base and their needs take priority for us. As the adage goes, ‘Happy customers make a happy business.’

Customer's Advantage

  • You get exactly what you need, as our products will comply with specifications of a particular school so that no further alterations are required.
  • Your order will be supplied within the stipulated delivery period, safely.
  • You can select the most convenient payment mode from among the several that we offer, including online payment and cash on delivery.
  • No hidden or indirect costs are involved.
  • Full refund is guaranteed, in case any product is found unsatisfactory.
  • You save yourself a lot of effort, money and time.

Vendor’s Advantage

  • You get to create a stable presence for your business in the ever-changing online business environment.
  • You get the added benefit of receiving guidance from our experienced staff in ensuring proper online visibility for your business.
  • You get the chance to opt for advertising your product on our other platforms.
  • You will be able to avoid getting your payments and profits stuck for prolonged periods, which is a common issue faced by people conducting business by other e-commerce platform.
  • Comparatively lesser costs of conducting business through our platform will, in turn, help you increase your profit margins.
  • With our help and your hard work, you will be able to create a dedicated customer base that will further help improve your prospects for the growth and development of your business.

So, all you need to do is place your trust in School Megamart and leave the rest to us.

Now, parents can say goodbye to school session blues and enjoy some leisure shopping at schoolmegamart.com, the one-stop-shop for schoolkids; and, vendors can let go of their online business expansion stress and allow us to help ensure their success.

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