Some Back-to-School Safety Tips Amid Covid-19 Situation| जानिए क्या है कोविड-19 से बचाव के बैक-टू-स्कूल टिप्स|

Some Back-to-School Safety Tips Amid Covid-19 Situation

Being a parent, one of the biggest challenges one is facing is related with the safety of one’s child. As we know that for more than a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a disastrous situation across the world. India also witnessed an unprecedented situation because of coronavirus. Schools were forced to shutdown for most part of the year in second consecutive year. However, since cases have been declining in various parts of the country after second wave of Covid, the Government of India has decided to reopen the schools for children from junior to intermediate level. So, the safety of children has become a matter of prime concern these days and it is very important that we follow some safety tips to protect our children from virus before sending our child to school. Here are some back-to-school safety tips for children in the current situation.

Back to School Safety Tips

Many states of India have reopened the schools with strict Covid protocols and limited attendance. Where schools are ready to offer classroom learning, on the other hand, parents are stressed as the more transmissible Delta variant continues to cause a rise in COVID-19 cases in some regions. You should prepare your child to return to the classroom and follow some safety tips to keep them safe from infection.  

Here are some back-to-school safety tips that help you to ensure that you send your kids to school safely:

1. Thoroughly go through the school’s Covid-19 guidelines

Educating your child about Covid-19 and its precautionary measures is not enough. Parents should also check the school’s guidelines against infection of Covid 19. Try to know what facilities and precautions are there that the school will provide to the children once they reach the school campus. Enquire about the safety measures taken by schools. Are they following social distancing? What safety measures are school staff members, gatekeepers, security personnel and others taking? Schools must also follow all the safety rules and make their own precautionary measures according to their infrastructures.

If schools have canteens, then the sitting facility must be permitted by keeping in view the situation of the crowd. In fact, schools may adopt a lunch system where students can eat individually at their tables. The school must also have safety provisions for the lockers and school buses. Social distancing norms should also be followed by schools. If teachers feel a need for group discussions, group projects and organizing sports, it is better that he/she conduct these activities virtually if possible otherwise go for the alternate solution. Parents should also check that the school has sufficient measures to take care of hygiene at all places of the campus. It includes frequent sanitization of the surfaces, such as chairs, tables, the blackboard, doorknobs, gates and bathrooms.

2. Listen to the concerns of your child

Listen to the concerns of your child

After spending a lot of time at home, children are possibly missing their schools. Young children are unfamiliar with the changes that are taking place in their surroundings. So, they may get overwhelmed while they will attend school after so long time. In the excitement of going out from home or to meet their friends, children may forget the social distancing norms and expose themselves to the risk. So, sit down and have a proper discussion with them about safety during this situation.

As schools are reopening, so talk with them and make them understand about the changes they will be going to experience at school. Young children are not much expressive, so carefully and respectfully listen to their concerns. Voluntarily ask them about their health, how are they feeling about going back to school. If your child has some disabilities like breathing problems, fatigue issues, etc. then identify the problem and get a medical checkup if required. You should also inform their teachers for the same so that special safety measures could be given to your child in school.

3. Reinforce the general precautions on daily basis

Reinforce the general precautions on daily basis

Different state governments may have granted the permission of reopening of schools but this did not indicate that pandemic is over. Only verbal teaching of safety rules to your children is not sufficient. You must reinforce your children to practice the everyday precaution at home first. Develop the habit of taking Covid-19 precautions in them like wearing masks, sanitizing, social distancing, etc. that helps the children to follow it in the school.

Kids are innocent, they sometimes would not follow all the precautions at home but under the supervision, they will become habitual of some necessary Covid related safety tips. In addition, children have a habit of touching random surfaces and playing with their faces. So, also make them develop a habit of washing hands properly with soap. Also, explain them the importance of practicing hygiene by reminding them to frequently sanitize their hands and make them understand to avoid physical contact with their friends and multiple surfaces.

4. Go to regular health checkups

Go to regular health checkups

Among the key back-to-school safety tips, a child’s health is the utmost thing that a parent needs to concern about at first priority. Since children are habitual to the healthy environment of home, their immune system might take some time to get adjust to the new environment. This creates a risk of your child getting an infection. Any type of infection is dangerous for kids as it weakens their immune system and with low immunity, your child is more vulnerable to Covid-19. So, regular scheduling of health checkups of your kids is necessary.

Ensure with your pediatricians that your child is secure and is immunised. Also, make sure that your kids must intake immunity-boosting foods and nutritious drinks. Furthermore, keep your eyes out for any Covid related symptoms in your children so that immediate treatment should be given. If you are not vaccinated yet, then get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible because your vaccination keeps you safe from any infection and if you are safe then the chances of spreading of virus through you will also get reduced.

5. Stay updated

As a parent, you should be updated with the correct and latest information regarding the surroundings. Parents should be aware of up-to-date weather information, new guidelines, government’s Covid related norms, etc. so that they can guide their children according to it. To get to know about the current things that are going in our surroundings, you can prefer different modes. Keep in mind that whatever medium you are using for getting updated information regarding current affairs, should be authentic and relevant. Moreover, make sure that you have the contact information of the school and other parents for any emergencies. You can also keep helpline numbers that are provided by the government whether it is covid related or for other safety purposes.


It is natural that parents stress themselves for their children’s safety especially in the situation like this. But back-to-school safety tips provided by School Megamart will help you a lot and guide you to keep your child safe. And when it comes to take decisions regarding a child, then parents know their child best. So, by trusting yourself make decisions that you feel are good for your child and family, and take steps that are right and safe for your child.

Some Back-to-School Safety Tips: FAQs

Q1. Can a child who has recently recovered from Covid go to school?

Ans. If a child had been infected with COVID-19 in the past 3 months, he/she should take a rest and follow all safety precautions at home first. There is no urgency of going to school in such a situation as attendance for personal classes is not mandatory. The child can continue his/her studies online.  

Q2. Do children have to wear masks in school?

Ans. Yes, it is necessary that children should wear masks on school campus.

Q3. How can students protect themselves when they are taking school transportation?

Ans. Children must wear masks all the time and try not to touch their face, eyes or nose. They must use hand sanitizers or wash hands properly before touching their personal things.

Q4. How do students stay safe from Covid in school?

Ans. They need to practice safe social distancing, avoid standing in groups, create one-way traffic in school hallways for walking, and use outdoor spaces whenever it is possible during meals and recess.

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