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Current Affairs consist of two words. ‘Current’ means ‘recent or day to day’ and ‘Affairs’ means ‘events or issues’. It is important to know what is going on around the world, so we provide a dose of general knowledge on daily basis. We try to keep you updated with the current affairs of 04/03/21 that will inform you about the recent happenings in the world. Owing to its importance and dynamic nature, current affairs is a section that is present in every competitive exam. So, we provide information from all the fields whether it is economy and business, nation and politics, sports and books, or world news.

This section also provides important information regarding education including the notifications of SSC, NDA, UPSC, etc. Reading daily current affairs will help aspirants gaining more knowledge as exams conducted for jobs and interviews also contain questions on general awareness.

Nation and Politics- Current affairs 04/03/21

This category of current affairs 04/03/21 consists the important and latest news regarding nation and politics of India.

President Gets his First Covid Shot

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After prime minister, several union ministers and chief ministers, President of India Ram Nath Kovind received his first dose of Covid vaccine on March 3. Second phase of India’s vaccination drive kick started on March 1, 2021 in which senior citizens and people aged above 45 with comorbidities are given Covid-19 shots. 

Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV Merged in Sansad TV

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Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV channels are merged into single entity Sansad TV. As per the circular released by Lok Sabha Secretariat, Ravi Capoor is appointed the CEO of new integrated channel for one year. The integration of two channels will lead to substantial savings and also improved efficiency with pooling of resources and synchronisation of assets according to the circular.

Science and Technology- Current affairs 04/03/21

This category of current affairs 04/03/21 consists the important and latest news regarding science and technology of India.

Made in India Spectrograph Commissioned in Nainital

A made in India Spectrograph designed and developed by Indian scientists have been commissioned in Uttarakhand’s Nainital. This low-cost optical spectrograph can locate sources of faint light from distant quasars and galaxies. This instrument will also support the 3.6 metre Devasthal Optical Telescope (DOT) in the state.

Sports, Arts and Books- Current affairs 04/03/21

This category of current affairs 04/03/21 consists the important and latest news regarding Sports, Arts and Books of India.

Indian Boxer Mary Kom Appointed as a Chairperson of AIBA

Members of International Boxing Association’s (AIBA) and also the veteran’s committee appointed Mary Kom as the chairperson. Mary Kom is an Indian amateur boxer who made India proud many times. Consequently, AIBA President informed through a letter about this decision. He also added that he is confident that Mary Kom will make a valuable contribution to the success of the important committee.

NCSM Inaugurates Science Centre at Udaipur

On February 28, 2021 the Governor of Tripura, Ramesh Bais, has inaugurated the ‘Udaipur Science Centre’ at Udaipur in Tripura. With the establishment of the science centre, the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) has also set-up science centres across the north eastern states.

It is an autonomous organisation working under parent head of the Ministry of Culture. Consequently, NCSM is the largest chain of science centres or museums which works under a single administrative umbrella across the world. Moreover, the NCSM comprises 24 own science centres or museums, training centre, and one Research and Development laboratory.

World- Current affairs 04/03/21

This category of current affairs 04/03/21 consists the important and latest news regarding the world.

Joe Biden Said ‘big mistake’ for States to Lift Mask Mandates Given Virus Toll

On Wednesday U.S. President Joe Biden said that decisions made by governors of Texas and Mississippi to end the required wearing of masks have given a rising death toll from the coronavirus pandemic.
Asked if he had a message to Texas and Mississippi, Biden also told reporters that he thinks it’s a big mistake and people should realize now that these masks make a difference.” However,  the increasing availability of vaccinations is making a difference in controlling the pandemic. But it is necessary to follow precautionary measures.

Expert Panel of Canada Recommends 4 Months Interval Between Covid-19 Vaccine Doses

On Wednesday a national panel of vaccine experts in Canada recommend to extend the interval between two doses of a Covid vaccines to four months. Experts have took this step to quickly inoculate more people amid a shortage of doses in Canada. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also expressed hopefulness that vaccination timelines could be sped up. But one top health official called this an experiment. He also said that no other country is doing such thing.

China Charges Ahead with a National Digital Currency

Annabelle Huang recently won a government lottery through the social media app WeChat. After joining the lottery, Huang a 28 years’ business strategist in Shenzhen, received a digital envelope with 200 electronic Chinese yuan. These yuan is worth around $30. Consequently, she used a QR code for the digital currency from app to pay the bill at a convenience store.

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