The Mentor: A Perfect Place to Polish Your Skills


To excel in a work, one needs the proper skills required for the work. If an individual or an organization on a whole is lacking in the necessary skills then chances of success remain low. As a matter of fact when you are proficient in your work, then only you are admired and respected by everyone. Skill is the ability to do a particular task efficiently and coupled with hard work it can produce results beyond your imagination. A skilled person is able to manage their work resourcefully.

How can we develop skills?

Not everyone is born with perfect set of skills to do the works they are assigned. In fact, in today’s competitive environment one may need to do multiple tasks apart from their key responsibility areas even if one has expertise of their job. So, it has become evident to expand the range of your skill set.

Everyone can surely develop and learn a variety of skills with the help of a mentor and of course, their willingness to learn. So, if you need to develop a skill then THE MENTOR is an ideal platform to polish your abilities.

What does THE MENTOR do?

TThe Mentor is a skill development centre introduced by TM Training and Development Institute Private Limited based in Indore. The center is aimed at developing employment-oriented fundamental skills to the human resources in the fields of education. In line with this aim, they maintain the balance between theoretical conjectures and practical execution.

THE MENTOR nourishes the thinkers and prepares them to become leaders and managers. The institute runs unique programs to train students, parents, teachers, principals and other personnel. From research to philosophy, monitoring to review and procedures to activities, they cover everything in their comprehensive programs.  

The Men behind THE MENTOR

The key person behind THE MENTOR is Gaurav Singh Solanki who plays the role of guide, motivator and trainer also working as the director of TM Training and Development Institute. Having a vast experience of 17 years in the field of education, he is a highly qualified professional. His portfolio boasts of three gold medals in graduation, MA in English Literature, Diploma in Management from IGNOU, FDP from IIM-Indore and qualification of UGC-NET in English.

Mr. Solanki has worked as an academic counselor, assistant professor and trainer across thousands of CBSE, ICSE and state board schools, and colleges. He has provided training to above 12000 teachers, 8000 parents, 7000 students and hundreds of professionals through skill development workshops, seminars and counseling sessions.

Be it general pedagogy skills, classroom management skills or leadership skills, Mr. Solanki’s areas of expertise cover an extensive range of skills for educators and learners. He is also an expert of communication and feedback skills, analytical and decision-making skills, life skills, personality development, stress management, linguistics, phonetics and more. Overall, his approach is to make successful and happy human resources through efficient management of schools and other educational institutes.

Another important figure of THE MENTOR team is Gaurav Sharma. He is the director of Development division of the institute. An MBA in finance and marketing, he is a crucial person in various initiatives of this skill development and recruitment firm. His insights and experience of the industry have a positive impact on key decisions and organizational growth.

What are the initiatives by THE MENTOR?

The team of THE MENTOR works on different aspects of the school management and skill development. They have different skill development courses and initiatives to achieve distinct objectives towards quality learning and creation of employment opportunities. Their multidimensional research initiative works for school diagnosis to identify the root causes of the problems and thus offering the solution accordingly. Education excellence initiative aims to raise the standards and set the benchmarks by employing the definitive operating procedures and monitoring system.

Neo-activity initiative of THE MENTOR provides a platform to learners to showcase their talents with the help of various extra-curricular activities, events and contests. Optimum branding initiative focuses on building a positive brand image of the school or college. To empower the human resource management, there is recruitment and selection initiative of THE MENTOR which caters to training and placement activities.

Training and development initiative is central to skill development of participants including directors, teachers, guardians and staff along with students.

Impact of THE MENTOR – One solution for many problems

Organizations and individuals have got amazing results after attending sessions by THE MENTOR. It has helped transforming many lives and benefitted the society on the whole. This highly professional pedagogical training institute has been quite helpful for teachers and parents. By transforming knowledge into skills, it has impacted positively on the outcomes of educational structure.    

After attending and incorporating the programs conducted by THE MENTOR, several institutes and principals have vouched for getting solutions of many educational problems.

THE MENTOR Reviews – What people say?

Some of the renowned institutes and their principals have praised THE MENTOR and its initiatives. Read on:

“Team of The Mentor is expert in identifying the educational problems and also in recommending the possible solutions. We really liked the School Diagnosis Initiative.”

– Natwer Patel and Navneet Patel, Director Duo

 Sanskar Vidhyapeeth, Harda, MP

“Qualitative Education is the prime concern of mentorians. Their policy is quality.”

– Sudhanshu Sharma, Film Director/President Champion International School, Satwas, Dewas, MP

The mentor is truly great in transformation of knowledge in to skills. They are skilled and they can make you skilled. They may make the society future-ready.”

–Dr Manmeet Singh, Renowned Researcher & Acclaimed Academician, Indore, MP

“Our association with TM was really fruitful particularly in regard to SOPs of the school.”

– Suresh Srivastava, Director

 Sharda Convent School, Garoth, Mandsaur, MP

“I like them for multiple reasons, but the best one is that – they are genuine and genius in their work.”

  Santosh Jain, Director

 Shri Mahavir Jain Vidhya Mandir, Barod, Agarmalwa, MP

“As per my experience The Mentor is best at professional development, an excellent influencer and awesome motivator. Keep inspiring many more.”

– Sr Bindu Jeorge, Principal

 St. Joseph’s Convent School, Bijalpur, Indore, MP

The Mentor is a highly professional pedagogical training institute where simple teachers transformed as a globally competent.”

– Jaison Joseph, Director

 Jaison’s Academy, MHOW, Indore, MP

“I really appreciate and acknowledge the sincere efforts of TM as they are good at training teachers and counseling parents. I also wish them better future.”

– Fr. Joemon James SVD, President

 St. Arnold’s Education Society, Indore, MP

Hence, if you want to transform your institute or manpower for better management and qualitative learning then THE MENTOR is an ideal place to look upon. Get motivated, be skilled and be future-ready with the genuine and feasible solutions offered by THE MENTOR team.

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