JEE and NEET 2020: What should students focus on amid the ongoing controversy?

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One of the main burning issues in the country right now besides COVID-19 pandemic is India’s biggest exams – NEET and JEE Mains 2020. Why these entrance exams are in the news? We will discuss in this article and also answer some other relevant questions regarding the issue.

What are NEET and JEE?

Joint entrance examination (JEE) and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) are the top examinations conducted to get admission in India’s premier engineering and medical institutes respectively. Lakhs of students every year appear in these tests in hope of studying in the best colleges of the country. The level and competition in these exams testing quantitative aptitude of candidates are so high that aspirants put everything at stake to crack them.

Why NEET and JEE are in so much in news this year?

Although, these exams garner adequate media attention each year, but this year they have been making headlines due to the situations arisen by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning, there were demands to postpone JEE and NEET this year as restrictions imposed by the lockdown seemed to create problems for the students in appearing in the exams. Situations of flood in various states also added to the concerns. Several activists and leaders along with students and parents raised questions over holding the tests amid the growing medical crisis.

The controversy has a direct impact on the future and career of lakhs of students preparing for the biggest challenges of their lives. It is also about the safety of students as spread of the virus is on a new high in the country. But because of this controversy, students are in confusion whether they should focus on the preparations or concern about reaching their examination centre in the midst of transportation restrictions and floods.

What are the dates of examination for JEE and NEET 2020?

Dates of these entrance exams were revised twice already due to the lockdown imposed between March to June. National Testing Agency (NTA) is the organizing body for these tests. NTA and the central government are not in the favour of further delay of the examinations. After extending the dates earlier, NEET exam is scheduled to be held on 13 September while JEE Mains between 1 to 6 September, 2020.

Conducting body has stated that number of exam centers is increased for medical and engineering entrance exams to maintain better social distancing and other safety measures. Earlier, there were 2546 centres for NEET and 570 for JEE Mains which have been extended to 3843 for the medical entrance exam and 660 for the engineering entrance exam.

Are JEE and NEET 2020 exams postponed after the dissent?

Central government and NTA are in no mood to further postpone the exams as there are already delayed two times. They have said to arrange complete preparations to conduct the exams on the scheduled date. However, voices of recognized celebrities from national and international fraternity as well as some of the state governments attempted to create pressure on the central government for delay in the tests for the benefit of students.

Global environment activist Greta Thunberg, India’s lockdown hero actor Sonu Sood and chief ministers of various states are among the people who came in support of students and advocated the postponement of the exams. However, NTA uploaded the admit cards for JEE and NEET 2020 exams amid the dissenting voices.

Those favouring the conduct of exams as per schedule put forward the views that further delay will lead to a loss of an academic year for students. They are also concerned about the disruption in academic calendar of the institutions which welcome new batches of students after the results of these exams.

What should students focus on now?

All this controversy created panic among the students preparing for these entrance exams. There were many worries for students and parents as there are many problems in front of them apart from the pressure of exams. In our view, since government seems in no mood to delay the exams anymore, students must get their focus back on the preparation of exams. They have been preparing for months already and their hard work should not go in vein no matter when the exams are held.

Organizing institution as well as students both should ensure safety precautions for the participants during the conduct of exams.

You can get the Neet latest updates regarding admit cards, exam dates and exam result dates of NEET 2020 and JEE 2020 from the Neet Official website Students can also attend mock tests on this portal to sharpen their preparation.

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