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Are you also a perplexed parent who is unable to make a decision whether to send your child to school amidst Covid-19 or not? Most of the state governments have granted permission to reopen schools from Class 5th or class 8th onwards, and it is expected that junior classes may also reopen soon. Offline classes have been restated leaving the parents into a dilemma. Every parent is concerned about the safety of their child in the school during this pandemic. The more contagious delta variant is frightening the parents even more. So, if your kids are also packing their school bags with all the books while getting excited to dress up with school uniform again after a long time, here are some must-follow safety measures in classrooms during corona days.

Classroom precautions during Covid-19

Every student and teacher (including non-teaching staff) must follow these Covid-19 safety tips to enjoy a healthy trip to school

Wear a mask- Wearing a mask during your stay in school is the first and foremost requirement of covid school safety protocols. The mask should be comfortable enough to wear for 8-9 hours continuously, must cover the nose and the mouth properly, and must be washed every day. Don’t exchange your mask with your friends.

Social distancing- Every student must maintain proper social distancing in the classroom as well as the school campus. If the child is commuting through the school bus, then school distancing must be followed there as well. Students must be guided to follow this norm at every cost even while using stairs or hallways.

Sanitize stuff- Don’t forget to keep a sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands at regular intervals during schools hours, even before and after touching the mask. You should also sanitize your school bag, sports goods, and other equipment.

Carry your meals- Every child must carry their own water bottle and lunch box. Sharing can be contagious during this sensitive period. Children must also avoid going to canteen during recess break.

Get vaccinated- Senior students who are eligible for vaccination in India (age < 18 years) must get covid vaccination at their earliest. Teaching and non-teaching staff (including helpers) must possess covid vaccine certificate mandatorily. Vaccinated citizens create a safer community.

Tips for Parents

Control your emotions- We know that you are super excited to meet your friends after a long time. But you should avoid hugging them or shaking hands. Staying safe is more important.

A prudent parent must consider various factors, including the below mentioned, for the benefit of their ward.

Inspect yourself- It is advisable for parents to take a tour of the school premises and check the safety measures followed by the authorities. Are they using a thermal thermometer for every student and visitor? Is everyone in the school wearing mask? Are the students and the staff maintaining social distancing in class, campus, and canteen?

Develop a habit- Reinforce your child to follow and practice covid safety protocols every day on their own even when they are accompanied by their parents. Avoid touching random surfaces, face, and mouth unnecessarily, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing hands and other practices must be followed regularly without any error.

Healthy diet- Healthy diet and lifestyle is the best immunity booster. Parents and teachers should encourage children to have healthy meals and do some exercises on regular basis to strengthen their immune systems. This will help to keep the diseases away.

Regular checkup- If your child (or anyone in the family) is suffering from a cold and cough, you must visit the physician at your earliest. Even the simple-looking flu can be fatal if it turns out to be Covid-19. Keep an eye on your child if they are suffering from any potential symptoms.

Mark the mask- Label the mask with the name of your child to avoid any confusion of similar masks in the school.

Update contact number- Update your emergency contact number with the school authorities so that they can get in touch in the hour of need.

Tips for Schools and Educators

Air circulation- Considering the weather and air quality level, the school staff should make an attempt to keep the door and the windows opened as much as possible. This minimizes the requirement of touching any surface as well as improves the air circulation in the rooms.

Create strict guidelines- The school authorities must lay down strict policies to follow all covid safety protocols. Installing a touchless sanitizer pump , thermal screening, usage of masks and surgical gloves, vaccination of school staff, etc. are some important factors to consider.

Outdoor activities- Students must be encouraged to participate in various outdoor games and activities to strengthen their immune systems. Make a small batch for such outdoor activities to avoid any risk of infection among students.

Specific isolated area- Make a specific area where a child can take a rest if they feel sick or unwell. This will help to prevent infection among other students.

Virtual meetings- School authorities should undertake group discussions and meetings online only. Conducting them offline must be avoided at every cost for the benefit of your students.

Mark one-way- Mark school stairs and corridor one-way to avoid any crowd or gathering of students. They must be instructed to use the provided path only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My child has now recovered from Covid-19. When should I send him/ her to school? 

It is advisable to keep your child at home for at least 2-3 months after he/ she gets recovered from the corona. There are many short-term and long-term after-effects of Covid-19, like fatigue, body ache, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, etc. Your child may not feel good to visit the school with such complications. 

My child is feeling very lonely at home due to school lockdown. How should I support his/ her mental health? 

Every toddler as well as every teenager is facing this muddle. They are forced by their well-wishers to stay inside the four walls. But their physical care is putting an effect upon their mental health. As a parent, we must support our children during this sensitive period. Pamper them, play with them, involve them actively in some creative and interesting tasks, and teach them some basic life skills like cooking, cleaning, etc. (irrespective of their gender). 

My child is insisting to go to the gym during a pandemic. Should I allow him? 

It is good that your child is concerned about his/her health but it is better if he/ she do some exercise at home only to avoid any contagion. Workout like bridge, squats, chair dips, plank, push ups, bicycle, etc. helps to lose weight, maintain your physical and mental health, and strengthen your immune system. 

How can I reduce my child’s screen time during their stay at home due to pandemic?

Pandemic has drastically increased screen time of every child- be it a toddler, an adolescent, or an adult child. Online classes have fuelled up their exposure to gadgets. It is advisable to engage them in some activities according to their age. A toddler can be engaged in basic and creative activities like hopscotch, watering plants, plucking weeds, etc. A teenager and an adult child can be asked to assist their parents in various household chores like chopping vegetables, serving meals to elderly people, cooking food, cleaning their rooms, managing their cupboards, seeding plants, etc. Teaching them basic life skills will assist them in independent living for their lifetime. 

My child doesn’t like wearing a mask. What should I do? 

Some children feel uncomfortable or breathless after wearing a mask. You can give them Face Mask Extenders (also known as Ear Savers). They don’t put pressure on the ears instead they support the mask with a string across the head. You can also bring face masks with around-the-head tie straps for your kids. All such products are easily available online. 

Final Word

School Mega Mart requests every citizen to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines so that we can overcome this pandemic and our children can enjoy a healthy school campus again. Their educational needs are equally important as their health and safety. We look forward to building a safer world together with offline classes only and students creating memories for a lifetime. 

Let us know if you have any other doubts or query related to your child’s return back to school after the pandemic. We shall be happy to help you. 

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