Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas 2021: Celebrate the Day for Better Future| राजीव गांधी अक्षय ऊर्जा दिवस 2021: जानिये क्या है अक्षय ऊर्जा दिवस|

Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urjan Diwas 2021: School Megamart

India, every year observes Renewable Energy Day or Indian Akshay Urja Day on August 20. This day has its significance for the country as the day is dedicated to our former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. To honour Rajiv Gandhi, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of India initiated Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas (Indian Akshay Urja Day) in 2004. The same day is also marked as the Sadbhavana Diwas to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. Through this article, let’s understand the significance and purpose of this day.

History and Significance of the Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Day 2021

History and Significance of the Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Day 2021: School Megamart 2021

The commendable work and dedication of India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi have become an example for the youth of the country. He was born on 20 August in the year 1944. His birthday is celebrated as Sadbhavna Diwas, National Renewable Energy Day, or National Akshay Urja Diwas. Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had organised the first event in New Delhi in 2004 that was linked to Akshay Urja Diwas. That time Prime Minister Mr Singh also published a memorial stamp and around 12000 school children across the nation had formed a human chain to promote Renewable Energy Day. Next year in 2005, another function was held in New Delhi, and then in 2006, which was scheduled in Nagpur to celebrate the day. Later the function was organised at Hyderabad in 2007 and at Panchkula in 2008.

The main motto behind this day is to promote and raise awareness about renewable energy development programs. The celebration of Akshay Urja Day or Renewable Energy Day also encourages the use of alternative energy to traditional energy sources.

Why Do We Celebrate Indian Akshay Urja Day 2021 or Renewable Energy Day 2021?

Why Do We Celebrate Indian Akshay Urja Day 2021 or Renewable Energy Day 2021?: School Megamart 2021

We celebrate Indian Akshay Urja Day to increase knowledge about the importance of renewable energy among the people of the country and also motivate them to save these resources. Nowadays, with the increasing population and their demands, the consumption of natural and renewable resources is also increasing. So, it has become necessary that we make people aware about the significance of renewable resources and promote the need, benefits and uses of renewable energy in all spheres of life. The government of India is aware about the importance of the development of renewable energy sources. That is why the government is planning and preparing many policies to use these alternate renewable sources.

Celebration of Indian Akshay Urja Day

Celebration of Indian Akshay Urja Day: School Megamart 2021

Government of India celebrates Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas (RGAUD) every year by organizing special events. Some schools, institutions and organizations arrange quiz events, drawing, debate and speech competitions, essay writing competitions and cultural programmes, etc. Some school children go ahead with rallies with posters, banners and slogans around different areas. In 2012, a rally of battery-operated Two Wheelers was introduced to encourage renewable energy.

On Renewable Energy Day, state governments also organise various competitions and quizzes to instill environmental consciousness among the school and college students. This year, people are also celebrating Indian Akshay Urja Day by sharing images, quotes, articles on different social media platforms. Even some associations are organizing virtual events related to Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas or Indian Renewable Energy Day.

How Renewable Energy is need of the hour in our social life?

Our life is not complete without the use of resources whether it is natural, man-made, renewable or non-renewable. Some resources are present in enormous amount but some are limited in quantity and will be depleted in coming years. So, it becomes necessary that we make proper and efficient use of it and save it for our future generations. The Indian Renewable Energy Day or Akshay Urja Diwas makes us realize that these resources help us in many ways and give several benefits to our society. Some of these benefits are given below.

Reducing Global Warming

Several human activities are overpowering our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. As a result, we have seen a surge in global warming. These gases act like a blanket to the earth and trap the heat that is present in the atmosphere. Whereas, on the other hand, renewable energy sources emit less or no amount of such gases which cause global warming. So, the use of renewable energy would help in replacing carbon-intensive energy resources and reduce global warming.

Keeping Environment Clean

In India, many people still rely on wood, coal and charcoal for cooking. Other human activities are also increasing the level of pollution. Air and water pollution both are critical issues in many developing countries. However, renewable energy resources do not produce any pollution thus help in keeping the environment healthy and clean.

Longer Stability

Renewable energy sources are employed in a distributed manner and this makes them less prone to large-scale failure. They are also non-exhaustible in nature as well as require less time and cost for infrastructure development.

Provide ample amount of Resources

Natural renewable resources are present in large amount around the world. For example, there is enough sunlight that falls on the earth that will be sufficient to meet the world’s energy demands if it could be properly controlled. Some surveys also show that geothermal energy is larger than other resources like coal, oil, gas, etc. If we could somehow find a way to efficiently and effectively use this source of energy, then our entire energy problem would be solved.


Renewable Energy Day not only makes people aware about the importance of renewable energy resources but also inspires them to walk on the grounds of Rajiv Gandhi. The whole nation is celebrating the day as a remembrance of Rajiv Gandhi and paying tribute to him by creating awareness about the Akshay Urja Diwas.  People are also taking the pledge to adopt renewable energy sources more and more on this Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas for making India greener and happier. On this very day, we should understand our duty to make the world pollution-free for a better future and choose renewable energy over the customary sources of energy.

Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas 2021: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Day is celebrated as Indian Akshay Urja Day?

Ans: Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has declared August 20 as Indian Akshay Urja Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Q2. What is Akshay Urja portal?

Ans: The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy had launched a new portal ‘Akshay Urja Portal’ in order to meet the requirements of stakeholders about new schemes and projects related to renewable energy.

Q3. What is renewable energy?

Ans: Renewable energy is the energy that is generated from the sources that are remain non-exhaustible and will not deplete with its usage.

Q4. What is the birth date of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi?

Ans: Our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20 August in 1944.

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