World Photography Day 2021: A Free Gift to Capture the Moments of Life| विश्व फोटोग्राफी दिवस 2021:जाने क्यों मनाया जाता है ये दिन|

World Photography Day 2021: School Megamart

When we experience a beautiful moment, we want to freeze the time to enjoy it forever but time stands for none. But if we can capture the moment, we can relive it again and again. This is why photography plays a very important role in our life. To celebrate one of the biggest inventions of science, the World Photography Day is marked on August 19 every year. The World Photography Day 2021 also known as World Photo Day is an exclusive celebration of history, significance and craft of photography.

History of the World Photography Day 2021

History of the World Photography Day 2021: School Megamart

The first-ever idea of photography was invented in France.  It is also known as the pioneer country of the world in photography as France gave the world its first photographic process. At that time no one could think of permanently capturing the moments but Frenchman Louis Daguerre made it possible by inventing a photography device. In 1839, Daguerre created a miracle by inventing the daguerreotype photographic process. Then, the French Academy of Sciences formally declared his process to the world. Daguerre had given the world a free gift as the process was made available to the world without any cost.

Why do we celebrate the World Photography Day?

Why do we celebrate the World Photography Day?: School Megamart 2021

This landmark event was introduced to the world in 1839. After this, in the year 1861, the field of photography had seen some progress and people witnessed the first colour photograph that was taken by Thomas Sutton. Further, in the field of photography, the first hallmark invention was made inroads as the digital camera was invented. With this invention, the old way of photography had changed into a new method with filters, effects and 3D visualization treats. Thus, the journey from a rare click to multiple clicks is worth traversing through and that’s why World Photography Day is celebrated across the globe.

World Photography Day 2021: Significance in Modern World

World Photography Day 2021: Significance in Modern World-School Megamart

The one of the most important qualities of a photograph is that it has the ability to capture a place, an experience, an idea and a moment of time. A photograph can tell so much about something without using words. This feature makes photography a unique art. That is why it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography plays a very significant role in our life because it not only captures the present moment but also shows us the story of our past. Nowadays, in the modern digital world, photography has reached to such an extent that the majority of people have made it a ritual to click pictures in their routine life. The constant rise in the usage of social media is also encouraging the art of photography, as people love to share their moments, activities and emotions with others in the form of images and videos.

Photography is not limited to being a hobby anymore. It has now become a thriving career option for the young ones. These days, many young people are getting motivated to pursue photography as a passion or as a profession. Photography could be a rewarding profession as various personalities worldwide have tasted immense success in different areas like nature photography, wildlife photography, childhood photography, theme photography, etc. Through a photograph, people connect easily with each other. Even, during the pandemic time where people were distant from their loved ones and restricted to meet each other due to safety protocols, people minimized the distance by sharing photographs and videos. They connected to each other and shared their moments in the form of pictures.

World Photography Day 2021 Theme

World Photography Day 2021 Theme: School Megamart

There is no particular theme for celebrating World Photography Day 2021. Various photography associations across the world organize several charity events that would sell photographs for a fair price and with that price, they serve the donations to charitable trusts. These associations also gather to mark a theme for this day and issue catalogs, printed posters, etc. related to the selected theme. People use different quotes and articles related to World Photography Day and share them with the world virtually to celebrate the day. Users also upload photos shot by them or some other amazing photos they come across to mark the day. 

Maharashtra Tourism Hosting an Event to Mark the World Photography Day 2021

Maharashtra Tourism Hosting an Event to Mark the World Photography Day 2021: School Megamart

Indian state Maharashtra has announced that the state tourism ministry has organized a week-long event to celebrate World Photography Day 2021. The tourism department of the state has started a photography contest that involves food photography and heritage walks, live workshops, and many other activities. The event was started on August 11 and is open to all. Organizers promoted a photography contest event with #MaharashtraThroughMyLens being organised on Instagram and Facebook.

In this event, budding photographers can share their clicked images. The jury will select the best pictures based on various measures like framing, composition, innovative style, editing skills, etc. On August 19 the jury will announce the results of the event after the final submission of entries on 18th August. The first winner will get a cash prize of INR 25000 and the two runner-ups (first and second) will be rewarded with amount of INR 10000 and INR 5000 respectively. In addition, the other 20 entries will also get a cash prize of 1000 rupees each.


We all know that what photography is, but do we actually understand the real meaning of photography? It is not only an art but also a science of light that requires practice to get a perfect result. The word photography is a Greek word that means drawing with light. So, it needs practice to capture a perfect click. School Megamart is wishing you a very happy World Photography Day and encourages you to increase your knowledge of photographic science and motivates you to enhance your creative instincts.

World Photography Day 2021: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. When is World Photography Day celebrated?       

Ans. The whole world celebrates the World Photography Day every year on August 19.

Q2. What was the theme of World Photography Day 2020?

Ans. The theme of World Photography Day 2020 was Pandemic lockdown through the lens.

Q3. What is World Camera Day?

Ans. The World Camera Day is celebrated on June 29th every year. This day commemorates the photographs, and the invention of a Photographic device called the camera.

Q4. Which country is considered as one of the best countries for photography?

Ans. Peru is a country that is known as one of the best countries for photography as it has breathtaking views, and a destination called Machu Picchu.

Q5. How did World Photography Day start?

Ans. World Photography Day originated with the invention of the Photography device daguerreotype that was invented by Frenchman Louis Daguerre.

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