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The physical act of getting words on paper is called writing and it helps you to express yourself. It provides a medium to share views and information. So, instilling the habit of writing among children at an early age can reap good benefits. When children start schooling they develop their writing skills by practicing different exercises. Writing is an art that can be mastered with constant practice along with the habit of reading.

Application is a formal request to be considered for a position or to be allowed to do or have something, submitted to an authority, institution, or organization. Usually, application letter is a type of formal communication. One may face many difficulties while writing an application. In this article we have discussed about the common problems or errors, a person faces while writing an application whether it is for leave, college admission, job interview, etc. Also, find how to teach students to write an application in a structured way and master the art of application writing.

Writing a perfect application requires the expertise and concurrent use of language skills, vocabulary and spelling. It also requires the ability to organize and convey ideas in a fluent manner.

Problems faced by children while writing an application

Problems faced by children while writing an application

School is the first place where children encounter the elements of writing from the formation of letters, to organizing their ideas. Use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling also plays an important role in it. By the end of elementary school, a child should be writing independently and producing multiple-paragraph essays. They will also learn to make formal introductions, supporting evidence, and conclusions in writing an application. But, while learning this skill, kids struggle with many problems. Ability of writing application improves in stages, as students build upon the skills by practicing. However, some writing difficulties that need to be considered are:

1. Lack of Understanding of Purpose

When writing of application is being introduced to the students in their elementary classes, the children do not completely understand the purpose of writing it. They do not know the importance of writing an application. So, they focus on the memorizing the whole content instead of understanding it. By memorizing they may score well in assessment but this issue creates problem and confusion among children in senior classes and also in real life scenarios. Even many adults educated from renowned schools find it difficult to write proper applications without the help of internet for this reason.

2. Mistakes in Format of Application

Writing letters (formal and informal both) and application generally follow a proper pattern. The format of letter is slightly different from the format of application. As children didn’t know the purpose of writing an application and a letter, so they get confused between the formats of these two. Therefore, while writing they make mistakes in the format of application.

3. Problem in Framing Body of Content in an Application

Students usually face problem in framing and organizing the sentences. In elementary classes they learn to express their ideas but they do not have proper knowledge about the rules of grammar which are used to frame a paragraph in correct structure. A number of students can have trouble in expressing their views in a systemized way and as a result they cannot be able to form the correct body of content of an application. The language of the application is formal and children often use informal language. This sometimes causes the deviation from the actual meaning of the application since children got confused while framing the sentences in a formal way. Other cause of not being able to frame the application in formal language is the limited vocabulary of the child.

Importance of writing

Importance of writing

Meaning of writing is different for different people. A poet find peace in writing, a content writer’s bread and butter depends on it and children will take it as a practice for fun. But there is no doubt that writing is an intrinsic part of our lives and is closely linked to communication. In today’s world where most of the things are getting digitalized, children are also using informal way of writing through Whatsapp and other social media platforms. But writing formally is also very essential as it helps you to enhance your personality and opens gates for opportunities in future. Application writing is an essential skill and despite the prevalence of emails and text messages, everyone has to write applications at some point. Writing application is a good way to document and record important information. They may also act as proof, which can hold well in a court of law.

How to overcome the problems of writing an application?

How to overcome the problems of writing an application?

Everyone makes mistakes but what matter is to improve their errors when they get the chance. Similarly, correcting mistakes while writing an application will surely help you to write a good application. There are some suggestions that will help children to overcome the problems they face while writing an application.

1. Explain the purpose

Children should know that what they are writing and for what. As a parent or teacher, you need to clear the purpose that why writing a particular application is important. This clarity will help them to think accordingly and they will be able to understand things very easily like the format of application, etc.

2. Give positive feedback

When reviewing your child’s application, give positive feedback along with talking about what needs to be improved. Keep children engaged in the revision process by discussing the mechanics of writing application without disapproving their ideas. In school if a teacher points out a mistake of a student, that child may feel embarrassed in front of his/her classmates and will hesitate in clearing doubt in future. So, a teacher should try to speak in private to avoid possible embarrassment.

3. Introduce different other writing activities

Introduce your child to other aspects of writing like poem writing, story writing, essay writing and informal letters. Encourage children to write on the topics that interest them. They will learn to express themselves and also improve their vocabulary. As a mentor, one should recognize that when extra help is needed and keep an eye out for repetitious errors and habits.

Some other tips for writing a good application:

  1. Frame your application in a proper structure. Include introduction, main body and conclusion in your application.
  2. Provide the required information in a concise manner.
  3. Keep your application relevant. Do not include unnecessary information in the letter.
  4. Include your contact details if you are expecting a response to your application.
  5. Proofread your copy and edit as per the requirements.
  6. Do not try to be fancy by using very uncommon and difficult words

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