Top EdTech Companies: Which E-learning App is Best for You?


In India, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to bring a lot of changes in work culture across the walks of life. We have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people working from home, meetings being held online, businesses going the digital way and children learning through e-tools. India’s education sector has gone under a massive transformation due to the unexpected outbreak of coronavirus and many tech start-ups seem to cashing in the opportunity. An amalgamation of technology and education, these EdTech firms have come up with varied innovative tools to draw students towards them.

Which e-learning app is best for your child?

With number of ed-tech players in the competition offering help in school education, the question arises for students and parents is to select the best one for their needs. In this article, we will attempt to find which e-learning app is the most suitable for your child. By comparing on different parameters, you can conveniently choose an app matching to the skill set of your kid. Here, we compare and analyse online education platforms such as Byju’s, Toppr, Extramarks, Vedantu and Khan Academy.

These new-age edtech start-ups have been successful in fetching substantial funding and sponsorship campaigns. Beyond this glam and fame, e-learning apps are here to play a major role in school education. With use of technology, they might bring some necessary reforms and modernism to the learning ultimately benefitting the students and society on the whole.


One of the most frequently known edtech apps in India is BYJU’S, for its early entrance in the field and aggressive marketing campaign. Company claims to be the most valuable edtech concern of the world as well as most admired school learning app of India ahead of all its competitors. It provides solutions for LKG to class 12 CBSE and ICSE students along with aspirants for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, etc.

There are no two opinions about BYJU’S visualization technique of concepts. It has tried well to make the learning more practical than theoretical in a true sense with its captivating visuals. BYJU’S is an engaging learning platform with clean UI which allows the child to grasp the concepts with real-life applications. It focuses on customized individual learning with one-to-one interactions. Students can attend online interactive tutorials with expert teachers for better understanding.

For which kind of students is BYJU’S more suitable?

If your child understands well through videos and figures, then you can go with BYJU’S. With its structured content and use of animations, graphs, fun quizzes and flashcards, it is a comprehensive e-learning app for to-the-point and visual learners. It also rewards students with badges on completion of concepts, so it is good if you work on short-term goals. Though, it focuses more on some particular subjects so if you need content for all subjects then you might need to look for other alternatives.

Click on the given link to check BYJU’S official website :

Download BYJU’S Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from APP Store


With the principle of learn, practice and ask, Toppr asserts to be 360o complete learning app for students. It is one of the few platforms which cover widest of the syllabus and maximum of the subjects for school education. It also caters to the candidates preparing for competitive exams as well as Olympiads and scholarship tests. You can find solutions and practice for CBSE, ICSE and state board exams along with entrance tests for JEE, UPSEE, NDA, CA, AIIMS and more on this edtech platform.

Toppr presents comprehensive content in a very organized manner. It offers online classes, mock tests, live doubts and adaptive practice. With its adaptive practice feature, students get the suitable questions (easy, medium and difficult questions) according to their learning at different levels. Using modern technology Toppr uses stories in the form of videos, images and gifs to enhance learning and revision.

For which kind of students is Toppr more suitable?

Therefore, Toppr is a good e-learning app for students who are seeking reference and good practice for their lessons. Students can even analyze their performance with its detailed reports and mock tests. This app is currently offering solutions for class 5 to 12. Presentation of the content can be enhanced. We feel a need of improved connection to the students on the platform despite its innovative features.

Click on the given link to check Toppr official website :

Download Toppr Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from APP Store


A modern-age edtech start-up Extramarks follows on the pedagogy of ‘learn, practice and test’. Claiming to be the only app providing solutions for all subjects for all classes from K to 12, it engages all stakeholders of the learning process including students, teachers, schools and parents. The platform offers solutions for NCERT chapters for class 1 to 12. It also has content for some state boards. For learners who require everything in organized form can pick this app for their studies.

Extramarks uses interactive, rich-media based learning modules. Virtual reality-based 2D and 3D animation techniques make learning interesting and concepts clear for school students. Preparation material for tests like JEE Mains, SAT, PSAT, TOEFL and NEET is also available for candidates. Animated videos available here for the effective comprehension of concepts is a main feature of this app.

For which kind of students is Extramarks more suitable?

If you are an organized learner who is more interested in textual learning then you might need to look for other e-learning apps. Extramarks focuses more on revision and testing with advanced tools for performance analysis and reports. There are different levels of questions based on learning needs of each child. This platform is also very suitable for kids seeking answers to their doubts as its problem solving tool is quite handy.

Click on the given link to check Extramarks official website :

Download Extramarks Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from APP Store


Are you searching for an e-learning app which makes your online study fun? If yes, then Vedantu can be a suitable pick for you. Offering students a choice to gamify their learning, this edtech emphasises on live interactive classes for school education. If you have a doubt, you can ask to a teacher anytime with this app. It says itself an online tutoring company with widest range of live classes and having some brilliant minds as tutors being the USP. Vedantu provides material for classes 6 to 12 and other competitive exams.

For which kind of students is Vedantu more suitable?

It also offers some micro courses in the form of videos out of which some are paid. It is a good app for interactive learners but you may look for other options if interested in full-fledged study through online tools. By fixing some UI related issues and focusing more on content and practice, Vedantu can be a top choice of students.

Click on the given link to check Vedantu official website :

Download Vedantu Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from APP Store

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a relatively older player among edtech companies and already had gained the trust of thousands of students. It caters to the students of classes 1 to 12 and provides study material in the form of instructional videos and practice exercises. There is a personalized learning dashboard for students to analyze their performances and based on that they can prepare well for their lessons.

At Khan Academy, students can find vast study material for free. Teachers from various countries take classes on this platform which can be advantage for some students while some may find issues of accent with the foreign teachers.

For which kind of students is Khan Academy more suitable?

If you want reliable content online for your studies at no cost then Khan Academy is a good choice. However, there is a scope to be more interactive and communicate better with the students as other competitive edtech companies have come up with innovative and advanced technology.

Click on the given link to check Khan Academy official website :

Download Khan Academy Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from APP Store

India’s education system has seen some major changes in the last decade with technology coming into play a vital role. There are many new entrants in the edtech sector as learning for home has become the need of the hour. With the rising competition, it is necessary to bring rich content yet being simple, as technology can become a constraint sometimes if it makes things complex for users. However, we hope students can be benefited with these tools and excel in their studies. Happy learning!

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