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Emplifyu is India’s No.1 Online Test Series Platform that provides with test series based on the latest examinations designed by exam experts. Through our website and app, we want to help millions of aspirants to prepare for various academic and competitive exams and score better. At Emplifyu, students are at the center of our universe. We believe that every student is different and has different learning needs. We work relentlessly to solve the problems faced by students, using advanced technology and help them learn better. We have thoughtfully built Emplifyu to make aspirants prepare for competitive exams and score better.


Emplifyu uses artificial intelligence-based machine learning algorithms on top of its strong infrastructure, to create personalized learning paths for millions of students. At Emplifyu, we provide you with an in-depth performance analysis, which let you know your strong and weak points, your all India rank, your state rank etc. You will also get a virtual tutor who is completely dedicated to bringing out the best in you. It will prioritize your concepts, chapters, topics, and questions based on the requirements through machine learning. This innovative learning experience will help you prepare thoroughly for your exams.

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The test series that Emplifyu provides are an essential factor for aspirants who aim to pass an exam like NDA, NEET, UPSC, SSC, CAT, GATE, CLAT, IAS, Banking or any other competitive exam. Modern-day technology has permitted online mock tests, which is an excellent method to examine your status in cracking any competitive examination. The score that you attain in mock tests will help you analyze your performance for the actual examination. These tests also allow you to learn time management which is the most important thing to clear any competitive exam. Test Series is also the best way for revision. Reading solutions helps you revise the topics on which the question is based. It helps you practice and prepare better for the challenges by offering you an exam-like environment all together.


  1. Get Free Tests- You can take a leap in your career by unlocking a collection of extensive free test series covering the top exams of India. The mock tests are personalized for you and help you determine your competition as well as focus on your weaknesses.
  2. Solutions offered- Not just correct answers, but you will get the solution of all the questions with a detailed explanation. You can reattempt the tests and work upon your weak areas. In addition, our interactive forum will provide you a platform to discuss the typical questions.
  3. Instant reply to doubts- We believe in offering solutions so there is a distinct section to resolve your queries. The platform is open to all the users with free registration and an opportunity to ask your doubt. All your doubts will be answered on one platform and you keep learning!
  4. Live tutors for assistance- The students can connect with tutors for private lessons online in any subject available in different languages in different countries. Students can make appointments for tutoring sessions, and get interactive on-demand video lessons.



To access Emplifyu, a preparation app for cracking SSC, UPSC and other exams, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit Google Play Store.
  2. Type Emplifyu in the search bar to find the app.
  3. Click on the ‘download’ button.
  4. Open the downloaded app, and sign up to get started.

The app is only available for android users at the moment.

Get an excellent exam preparation for NDA, NEET, UPSC, SSC, CAT, GATE, CLAT, IAS, Banking and other competitive and entrance exams!

INDIAN AIR FORCEAFCAThttps://emplifyu.com/tests/98/afcat
SSC CGLCGLhttps://emplifyu.com/tests/83/ssc-cgl
SSC MTSMTShttps://emplifyu.com/tests/89/ssc-mts
SSC HINDIHINDIhttps://emplifyu.com/tests/890/ssc-hindi-pradhyapak
SSC CETHIGHERhttps://emplifyu.com/tests/1375/ssc-cet-higher-secondary-level
GATEELECT & MECH ENGINEERhttps://emplifyu.com/tests/304/electronics-and-communication-engineering-ec
 COMPUTER SCIENCE & IThttps://emplifyu.com/tests/305/computer-science-and-information-technology-cs-it
MBACAT https://emplifyu.com/tests/2/cat
CIVIL SERVICESGEO SCIENTISThttps://emplifyu.com/tests/1095/combined-geoscientist
 UPSC PRELIMShttps://emplifyu.com/tests/76/upsc-prelims

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