• The Return by Nicholas Sparks

    There are a few things we love more than a heartwarming Nicholas Sparks book but with this novel The Return, we definitely satisfy our cravings. The book narrates a story of secrets, seduction and forgiveness that will sweep you off your feet. It is a pleasant book that makes you read again and again.  With this book take a trip to rural North Carolina and enjoy the lush descriptions of the rambling creek, beautiful sunsets, meandering boat trips, buzzing bees and croaking frogs. This book will make you lost in the mysteries as The Return is a perfect beach read for all.

  • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

    The Notebook is the first published novel of author Nicholas Sparks which was published in October 1996. Like a puzzle within a puzzle, this book is just the beginning of a love saga. As the story unfolds, the tale of two protagonists miraculously becomes something different at much higher stakes. The tender moments and the fundamental changes in The Notebook surely affect us all in a way. The book will change the meaning of true love as it is a story of miracles and emotions that will stay with you forever. The Notebook became one of the New York Times Best Seller books in its first week of release.  This piece of work of Nicholas Sparks is a hardcover bestseller for more than a year.

  • Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

    Here comes another novel by the bestselling author of The Notebook and Two by Two that once again takes you on a journey of sacrifice and unconditional love. The author of the book ‘Every Breath’ is known for crafting sweeping romances that make readers feel deeply and believe in the power of love. The unpredictability and strong character development make this book of Nicholas Sparks rise above other books. In 2018, after a break of two years, the author Nicholas Sparks came back with this book and it is his 21st novel. The presented book narrates a heart-touching story of Tru and Hope who are suffering from their issues in life.


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