• MTG Foundation Course Mathematics (Class 9) for 2021

    1. This book provides step by step guidance for JEE preparation by relating previous and current topics.
    2. Presents NCERT content along with questions asked in competitive exams in easy to grasp manner.
    3. Some knowledgeable facts related to the Maths subject are included under the ‘Do you know’ section.
    4. For quick revision, the book contains a concept map at the end of every chapter.
    5. Book also contains solved examples for better clarity of concepts.
    6. The book provides a variety of questions for example- MCQs (level -1 and level -2), match the following, assertion and reason type, comprehension type, and numerical and subjective problems (very short, short and long).
    7. This book includes Olympiad and HOTS categories questions also.
    8. Practice papers for more practice are also incorporated in the book.

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