• MTG CBSE Champion Solved Paper Class-11 Set Of 3 Books PCM (PAPAER BACK) 2021 exam

    Salient features of the combo book ‘MTG CBSE Champion Chapterwise’-Physics, Chemistry, and Math are as follows:

    1. In all the books each topic includes important facts/formula and detailed theory in the form of a quick recap.
    2. These books support the derivations, tables, flow charts, etc. for clear understanding.
    3. A separate section “CBSE Practice Questions” is included at the end of each chapter which has all types of questions (very short, short, long, value-based, HOTS, ).
    4. This combo includes the questions from NCERT textbooks like NCERT exemplar, long questions important questions, etc.
    5. The books also include previously asked questions from various exams like KVS, MSE, NCT, etc.
    6. The presented books incorporate detailed solutions according to CBSE marking scheme.
    7. 10 practice paper (2 solved and 8 unsolved) are also included in all these books
    8. Practice papers are designed according to the blueprint issued by CBSE for thorough practice.

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