• MTG 100 Percent Science Class-9- 2021

    1. The book includes a separate section ‘Lab Time’ in which plenty of practical and activity questions are given for practice.
    2. It also includes relevant illustrations and examples for clear understanding.
    3. This book accompanies a self-assessment column in the form of ‘Try Yourself’, so that time to time learners can evaluate their performance.
    4.  The book focuses on the NCERT theory, exercises, and questions to make the student familiar with the board exam paper.
    5. Every chapter contains a mind map for the recapitulation of the concepts at the end.
    6. Chapter-wise paper is designed as per the CBSE pattern in the section ‘Exam Drill’.
    7. The presented book support 3 practice papers as per the latest paper pattern of CBSE.

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