School Megamart in association with Stance Dance offers Online Dance Classes

The ongoing classes for children & adults are as follows –

Online classes

Kids Ballet New Batch Tuesday & Thursday – 4:00 pm (Starting date: June 29, 2021)
Kids Basic Tuesday & Thursday – 4:00 pm
Kids Funk & Pop Monday & Wednesday – 4:00 pm
Adults Online Classes Tuesday & Friday – 6:30 pm

KIDS Basic {Ages 4.5 yrs – 6 yrs}
Music and movement are in every child. This class is designed to help children physically, musically, socially and mentally.
These classes emphasize largely on the child’s imagination and help them to explore the endless possibilities of movement and creativity.This class is unique combination of creative movement and kids jazz, and hence is very age specific.

Kids Funk & Pop {Ages 8-11 yrs}
The class moves a notch higher in terms of complexity.
Dancers are clearly expected to recall sequences of movements, and move in unison to counted phrases of movement.
The styles taught are primarily kIDS jazz & Kids HipHop

Kids Ballet {ages 6-9 yrs}
The class in an introduction for students with no or little experience in Ballet.
Students start by learning the basic terminology and positions in classical ballet and move onto the basic barre work.
The class also stresses on basic class etiquette and teaches young dancers when to follow and when to lead.

Adults Online Classes:
This class is suitable for those with very little or no prior experience in dance. The class takes you through a series of combinations and workouts that will help you move effortlessly as a dancer.
The class starts with a warm up, stretch and core strength work. You will then move into a dance routine which will give you a high-intensity cardio workout.

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