July 2nd: A Day Celebrating World UFO and World Sports Journalists Day

July 2nd: A Day Celebrating World UFO Day and World Sports Journalists Day

The month of July has its own significance as many important events and days occurred during this month. Where 1st of July is celebrated as Doctor’s day, on the other hand, the World UFO Day and World Sports Journalists Day are held on July 2nd every year. The World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) has dedicated the second day of July month to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). The same day also marks the anniversary of the foundation of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).  These days are celebrated with a motive and each day has its own importance. To know about the significance of these days we have to know the ideas from where these days were introduced? Let’s read about these two days one by one to understand their importance and the need to celebrate them.

The World UFO DAY:

World UFO Day is a day that is observed to spread awareness among people about the existence of UFOs. This day encourages people to think about the possibility of not being alone in the Universe. This day aims to discuss and educate people about UFOs and flying saucers. Initially, the day was observed on June 24 but later WUFODO officially declared World UFO Day on July 2, and from there this day is being celebrated on the second day of July.

However, in some countries people celebrate UFO day on 24th of June because on this day for the first time the pilot Kenneth Arnold reported a UFO sighting in the United States (US). Some people celebrate this day on 2nd July as it is the day when the Roswell UFO crash incident took place in 1947 that made headlines across the world. Apart from acknowledging the existence of UFOs, people also celebrate this day to encourage the governments to make their knowledge about the UFO sightings official and public.

What is a UFO?

An Unidentified Flying Object generally known as UFO is the object that flies in the universe. The term UFO is used to report sightings of extraterrestrial spaceships that pass by or visit the earth. They cannot be identified or explained immediately on seeing. That’s why they have been the subject of many conspiracy theories as most of them are unrecognized, uninvestigated, or myth in general. However, some scientists have claimed about the existence of UFOs but some have not supported this idea.

Who started the World UFO day?

As per some theories, most UFO enthusiasts gathered together to show ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial life on July 2. So, in 2001, an organization called World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) had decided to officially celebrate this day on 2 July.

What People do on World UFO Day?

On this day, UFO enthusiasts or believers organize themed parties and they share UFO-related stories and its conspiracy theories. People also gather around to watch the sky using telescopes in the hope of catching any UFO. In the past few years, this day has become popular and now people are using UFOs as a theme in science fiction related movies and events. However, this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have to celebrate this day with some restrictions.

Some Interesting facts about World UFO Day:

In the 1900s, on 24 June, pilot Kenneth Arnold had seen at least nine unusual objects that were flying over Washington and he described them as saucer-like structures. But theories of UFOs first made headlines after the Roswell incident where the United States Army Air Forces balloon got crashed with an unidentified flying disc. Some people accused the US government for hiding the truth behind the crash but later United States Air Force published a report identifying the crashed object as a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul in 1994. Later, in 2021 the Pentagon officially released three videos in which it showed unidentified aerial phenomena that became a delight for UFO enthusiasts.

World Sports Journalists Day:

World Sports Journalists Day is observed globally on 2nd July every year. This day aims to acknowledge the work of sports journalists and encourages them to do better at their work. Sports journalists help millions of people in the world by providing them information on various sports. This profession also helped in the development of many kinds of games all over the world. There are also different associations of sports journalists that maintain the standards in their profession. These associations are found all over the world and mainly united by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).

History of the World Sports Journalists Day:

International Sports Press Association (AIPS) was established in 1924 during the Summer Olympics in Paris and later on 2nd July 1994, it introduced World Sports Journalists Day in order to celebrate the anniversary of its establishment. Now, the celebration of World Sports Journalists Day in the year 2021 marks the 97th anniversary of foundation of AIPS.

Significance behind the Celebration of World Sports Journalists Day:

Sports journalism was started in the early 1800s as an important part of the elite class and later with the time it got transitioned into a renowned profession. There are different forms of sports journalism that includes play-by-play, game recap analysis, and investigative journalism in the field of sports. The World Sports Journalists Day highlights and strengthens the companionship, bonding, disliking and liking, between journalists around the world. Sports professionals considered this day as a medium for world peace.

Who are Sports Journalists?

We all enjoy playing sports in our childhood but some put it as a profession at a later period of time. But the people who integrate both sports and journalism as their profession are called sports journalists. They cover the stories, events related to sports. They help in broadcasting the sports related news through TV channels, news papers digital platforms and other modes of communication. Technology and the internet have massively changed the sports journalism nowadays and sports journalists are using different ways to spread the information about the sports related content like by tweeting, blogging, posting videos, etc.

How People Celebrate World Sports Journalists Day?

Sport associations usually organize various programs around the world to celebrate this day and encourage people to join this profession. On this day, people celebrate the achievements of sports journalists, their amazing stories, interviews and other kinds of the content related to sports. This year, many athletes tweeted about the day and wished the sports journalists by posting pictures and sharing their well wishes on social media by using the hashtag #SportsJournalistsDay.

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